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Menya Kokoro

Unit Number : #02-10

Operation Hours : Sun to Thu - 11am to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm (Last order: 9pm) 

                          Fri and Sat - 11am to 10pm (Last order: 9:30pm)

Reservations, takeaway, and delivery services are available HERE.

Contact Number : 6443 1727



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One of the most famous Japanese Maze soba (Mixing Ramen) restaurant chains in Singapore.

Already 27 outlets worldwide within a short number of years which include Tokyo, Osaka, Vancouver, Jakarta, Bangkok, and Manila.

Maze soba, literally translated as “Mixing noodles” is the latest booming trend of Ramen in Japan.


At Menya Kokoro, there is a wide variety of Japanese maze soba and Ramen, also vegan-friendly. The original Tokyo Maze-Soba, Curry Maze-Soba, Spicy Maze-Soba, Vegan-Maze-Soba, and some Singapore-exclusive creations.


Craving for something soupy? You can enjoy soup ramen here too!


Savor in Menya Kokoro’s Mazesoba, ramen, a wide selection of side dishes and hope you have a pleasant dining experience in a real Japanese maze soba restaurant in Singapore.

tokyo mazesoba



Unit Number : #02-10

Operation Hours : Sun to Thu -11am to 9pm,

                         Fri and Sat - 11am to 9:30pm 

EMMA Logo.jpg

Established in May 2018 in Japan, Emma has opened seven outlets in Japan in just over a year due to its soaring popularity. With an endless queue from day one, Emma never fails to deliver top-notch quality soft serve to their customer.

Emma uses high-quality, authentic Japanese ingredients such as premium Japanese milk for its signature soft serve that is known for its richness, and creamy texture.

Their signature gravity-defying ice cream can be turn upside down and it will not fall out! Other ingredients Emma uses include Japanese Okinawa brown sugar, kuromitsu (Japanese brown sugar syrup) and Japanese kinako (soybean) powder. The charcoal cones are also specially imported from Japan.

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Tokyo Maze Soba
Beef Maze soba
Ramen noodles Singapore
Japanese waffle Singapore
Japanese waffle ice cream
softcream ice cream
matcha soft cream
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