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Nadai Fujisoba NI-HACHI

Unit Number : #03-14

Operation Hours : 

Mon to Fri - 11am to 3pm

                5:30pm to 10pm 

Sat, Sun and PH - 11am to 10pm

Contact Number : 6443 8827 (Reservations welcomed)

Website :

Facebook: FujiSoba Singapore

First Outlet in Singapore!

Japan’s best soba shop has opened their first specialty restaurant in Singapore, promising a satisfying dining experience with their soba made with a special buckwheat flour.

Established in 1966 and recognised as the soba restaurant (蕎麦屋) with one of the longest history in Japan, their first outlet in Singapore will showcase a totally new concept.

High quality Soba (buckwheat) and dry bonito will be imported from Japan, with careful management of temperature and humidity to keep in the freshness. To ensure that the aroma and flavour of fresh soba is kept optimal, the amount of soba and broth prepared is kept to only what's necessary for the day.  

The original broth “dashi (出汁)″ is created by a special blend of dried bonito and “kaeshi (かえし)" a mixure of soy sauce, sugar, and well-aged mirin (sweet sake); a recipe that has been developed over their 50 years of history. This gives the broth a wonderful fragrance with an umami flavour.


Soba is low in calories with the added bonus of lowering blood pressure and aiding digestion. 

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